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How many of the following statements regarding fungi are true?

I.Asexual reproduction is common by the formation of spores.
II.Their bodies consist of hyphae that many be interconnected to form mycelium.
III.They secrete digestive enzymes onto organic matter and then absorb the products of the digestion.
IV.Fungi can break down almost any carbon containing product.
V.Fungi do not enter symbiotic relationships.

1. 2
2. 3
3. 4
4. 5


Identify the incorrectly matched pair:
1. Diatoms: Chief producers in oceans
2. Dinoflagellates: Red tides
3. Slime moulds: Spores dispersed by water
4. Euglenoids: Protein rich pellicle


The protozoans that cause malaria in humans are :
1. Radiolarians
2. Dinoflagellates
3. Chrysophytes
4. Sporozoans


Viroids differ from viruses in having
(1) DNA molecules with protein coat
(2) DNA molecules without protein coat
(3) RNA molecules with protein coat
(4) RNA molecules without protein coat


One of the major components of cell wall of most fungi is
(1) peptidoglycan
(2) cellulose
(3) hemicellulose
(4) chitin


Virus envelope is known as
(1) capsid
(2) virion
(3) nucleoprotein
(4) core


Which of the following are likely to be present in deep sea water ?
(1) Archaebacteria
(2) Eubacteria
(3) Blue-green algae
(4) Saprophytic fungi


The fruiting bodies of Agaricus are also known as
(1) cleistothecium
(2) fairy rings
(3) basidiocarp
(4) ascocarp


Fungal cell walls are characteristic in having
(1) cellulose
(2) hemicellulose
(3) chitin
(4) pectin


The outermost limiting layer of mycoplasma is made up of
(1) cell wall
(2) cell membrane
(3) mucilaginous sheath
(4) slime layer


Which of the following statement is not incorrect with respect to biological classification attempted by Aristotle?

(1) Based on complex morphological characters
(2) Plants were classified into trees, shrubs and herbs
(3) Animals were classified on the basis of nutrition
(4) Phylogeny was also considered


The organism with nuclear membrane, cellular level of body plan and autotrophic mode of nutrition can be-

(1) Protista
(2) Fungi
(3) Monera
(4) Plantae


Holozoic mode of nutrition is observed in

(1) Monera
(2) Animalia
(3) Plantae
(4) Protista


In two Kingdom classification plantae had all bacteria, algae and fungi with them on the basis of

(1) Presence of cell walls
(2) Presence of nuclear membrane
(3) Presence of some kind of body organization
(4) Presence of different mode of nutrition


Which of the following is not archaebacteria?

(1) Halophile
(2) Thermoalkalophiles
(3) Methanogens
(4) Thermoacidophiles


Mycoplasma are not possessing which of the following features?

(1) Lack cell wall
(2) Pleomorphic
(3) Can't survive without oxygen
(4) Except b all are correct


------- mycoplasma are pathogenic in …….

1. Many, animals and plants
2. All, animals and plants
3. All, animals
4. All, plants


Which of the following is not correctly matched?

(1) Amoeboid protozoan- entamoeba
(2) Flagellated Protozoan- trypanosoma
(3) Cilliated Protozoan-plasmodium
(4) More than one option is correct


We usually observe some colourful growth on moist bread and rotten fruits, what does it belong to?
a. Bacteria
b. Fungi
c. Algae
d. None of the above


Lichens, viruses, viroids and prions have been included in the kingdom –
a. Monera
b. Protista
c. Plantae
d. None of the above


Identify the correct labellings.
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a. A- head, B- Collar, C- Sheath, D- Tail
b. A- head, B- Collar, C- Neck, D- Tail fibre
c. A- head, B- Collar, C- Sheath, D- Tail fibre
d. A- head, B- Neck, C- Sheath, D- Tail fibre


Which of the statement is not true for given structures?
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1. They both are made up of nucleoprotein
2. They both infect plants and bacteria
3. They are obligate intracellular parasites
4. A and B have RNA & DNA as genetics material respectively


In all the classes of fungi, common feature will be:
1. Morphology of the mycelium
2. Mode of spore formation
3. Fruiting bodies
4. Mode of nutrition


All given statements stand true with respect to Lichens, except
1. These are indicators ofSO2pollution, as shown by there abundance in these areas
2. Breathing pores help in gas exchange, these are found on the lower surface of the thallus
3. This association is also termed as helotism
4. Crustose lichens are pioneers of rock succession


Select the character which is specific to members of Chrysophyta
1. Mostly marine habitat
2. Mixotrophic mode of nutrition
3. Indestructible siliceous wall
4. More than one option is correct


Which of these in not related to organisms which are characterised by the absorptive mode of nutrition and have loose tissue organisation?
1. Extracellular digestion of food
2. Formation of fruit body in some organisms
3. Karyogamy always immediately after plasmogamy
4. Absence of NAM in cell wall


Dinoflagellates are characterised by all, except
1. The cell wall has stiff cellulose plates on the outer surface
2. The cell walls form two thin overlapping shells, which fit together as in a soapbox
3. Most of them has one longitudinal and another transverse flagellum
4. Photosynthetic pigments are chlorophyll a, c, andα-carotenes

29. Kingdom Protista has brought together Chlamydomonas, Chlorella with Paramoecium and Amoeba. On what basis were these organisms separated under previous classification systems?
1. Cell wall
2. Cell type
3. Body organisation
4. Mode of nutrition

30. Cr-Jacob disease (CJD) in humans is caused by:
1. Prions
2. Viroids
3. Virus
4. Lichens

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