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In their three years of marriage, Stella tried her best to win Clarence’s heart, but sometimes love just isn't there.As soon as she found out he was cheating on her and even got his mistress pregnant, all her efforts seemed futile so she made the tough decision to let go and vanish from his life.Little did she know, Clarence went mad after her departure, searching for her everywhere.Until one day, he spotted the woman he had long sought, now transformed into a star admired by all, holding hands with another man and a cute baby , gracefully approaching him.Unable to contain himself, Clarence grasped Stella’s chin: "Darling, didn't you promise you'd love me only?"She chuckled, "A second chance is given only if this time we play by my rules."Is divorce a sign that the couple don't understand each other or that they BEGIN to?

She-Power Love After Marriage Pregnant Ex Billionaire Rare Beauty Arrogant Dominant Goodgirl


A total of 40 chapters

Chapter 1 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 2 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 3 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 4 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 5 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 6 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 7 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 8 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 9 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 10 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 11 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 12 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 13 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 14 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 15 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 16 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 17 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 18 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 19 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 20 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 21 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 22 11/06/24 11:12

Chapter 23 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 25 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 26 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 27 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 28 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 29 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 30 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 31 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 32 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 33 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 34 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 35 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 36 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 37 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 38 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 39 13/06/24 19:08

Chapter 40 13/06/24 19:08

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The CEO's Ex-wife Returns With A Baby Novel Read Online - Contemporary Novels | Bravonovel (2024)


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